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COVID-19 Information

All hall users must comply with the COVID-19 secure guidelines which will be sent with the booking email confirmation and acceptance must be returned, before the booking is completed.

No users' are to attend the hall if anyone in their household has had COVID symptoms in the prior 7 days.

If a hall user becomes unwell, please isolate and contact an appropriate medical person.  Please contact the booking officer immediately so the hall can be closed and a deep clean arranged.

We have an obligation to ensure that we keep all users of this hall safe. Please ensure that you abide by these extra measures alongside your original user agreement.

  • Please restrict meetings to follow the current government guidelines so members can safely attend.

  • The current maximum number of persons allowed on the premises is 36.  This will be reviewed on a monthly basis when additional guidance is provided by the government.

  • Social distancing rules must still apply when you are meeting. Please ensure any queuing outside is adhered to, we have marked out appropriate spaces for you.

  • Only 2 people to be in kitchen at any one time.

  • Food and drink MUST NOT be left at the hall under any circumstances, please take everything with you.

  • There is a sanitising station in the entrance for you to use.

  • At the end of your session you MUST wipe down all tables, chairs, handles, switches and any other equipment that you may have touched, with the wipes provided. Ensure that you also wipe down all toilet seats, flushes and sinks and put any kitchen equipment used in the dishwasher or cleaned with hot water and washing up detergent.

  • When leaving the premises, you MUST take all rubbish and used wipes with you.

Thank you for your cooperation. These steps will help us all to keep safe during these unprecedented times.

We have used advice given by, ACRE and our insurance company.


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