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Yoga with Lorna (Slow N' Deep)

Lorna or text 07834 525 466 for 'TWO FREE CLASSES'

About the activity

Slow N' Deep is one of Yoga Chew Valley's signature yoga classes.
"Drench yourself in the power of each pose, savouring every breath and moment. While our pace is unhurried, the journey dives profound, awakening sensations that stir both body and soul. With the gentle rhythm of this class, you will gracefully mould into each posture, ensuring it feels just right for you. Seeking a sanctuary of calm or just starting your yoga adventure? This class beckons to both beginners and those yearning for tranquillity. Embrace the depth, breathe, and be present."


1 hour class

Tuesdays 6.30 pm - 7.30pm


Yoga with Lorna (Slow n' Deep)

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